Advocate Accounting was founded in 2013 by Erin Louis, CPA and has grown to be one of the most trusted names in Seattle for complex nonprofit and campaign accounting. More than just providing bookkeeping, we are an administrative partner and extend your in-house capacity so you can focus on your mission or business. We are easily accessible and work primarily online, saving you the time and hassle of scheduling meetings. We take pride in friendly and personable service. If you are our client, we actually care about you. If you don’t want to be cared about by us, you can’t be our client. Read more about our values.

Anis Lee, Office Manager and Bookkeeper

Anis (they/them) is grateful to be part of Advocate Accounting. Their survival under capitalism has included housekeeping, bartending, performing, feature writing, and all manner of sitting. As an office manager and bookkeeper, they've worked exclusively with nonprofits and small businesses. When they're not editing the number of exclamation points in emails, they're enjoying moments of humanity with clients. They were born in the Year of the Dragon, raised in the Philippines, and invited into rebirth in queer community. They like quiet cats and loud Geminis.

Erin Louis, CPA, President and Founder

Erin (she/her) has over ten years of experience working with individuals, nonprofits and campaigns and has been a CPA since 2011. She got her start at Christensen Consulting, LLC where she specialized in tax preparation for registered domestic partners and same-sex married couples. She was so passionate about spreading good information about a confusing topic that she became a blogger: you can read her past articles at Financial Queeries. Erin has served as Treasurer on the Board of Directors of Budd Bay Rugby Football Club, Capital City Pride and Stonewall Youth. Prior to accounting, Erin was a professional Texas Hold ‘Em poker dealer and still enjoys playing when she can find the time. Don’t worry, she doesn’t gamble when it comes to accounting.

Alicia Radford, Senior Accountant and Operations Consultant

Alicia (she/her) joined Advocate Accounting in 2017 after seven years in nonprofit operations management, including as co-founder and Chief Operating Officer for US Quidditch, a real-life nonprofit sports league that advances gender inclusivity in sports. She has a certificate in nonprofit management from the University of Washington and is currently studying for the CPA exam! She loves designing systems that allow small nonprofits to punch far above their weight. Outside of the office, Alicia is a circus artist with her own contemporary circus company, Unfiction Works. Her current projects include learning four-ball juggling and devising a full-length show with five other excellent artists.

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