Our accounting services are right for you if you have the in-house capacity to do your own bookkeeping. Much of bookkeeping is basic data entry, and it’s more cost-effective for your org to handle this in house. That allows us to focus on higher-level services: we work with you to develop or improve your systems, train your team on the day-to-day bookkeeping, and provide monthly reconciliation, review, and reporting for your financial activity. We specialize in working with complex nonprofits, including multiple entities (affiliated 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), and/or PACs), organizations with fiscal sponsor / sponsee relationships, and those that receive government grant and contract funding. 

Some of our most commonly provided services include: 


We love sharing information. We know that our skills and experience help organizations optimize existing systems, handle growth, and navigate new complexities.

Because every person has a different relationship to systems of finance, we want to hear about the kinds of services that make sense for you. Examples of our most often used consulting services are:


In an industry that gatekeeps specialized knowledge, we believe in making that knowledge accessible and sharing the language that opens doors, grant coffers, and pathways to wealth for those who have been excluded. We offer training in a variety of topic areas and formats. No matter the audience, we are committed to helping you work better.

We are offering discounted solidarity pricing. Please contact us or fill out a solidarity application if you’re interested.

Trainings are offered as on demand pre-recorded videos, public live trainings, and customized private training.


Whether you need help with tax strategies and planning, or simply filing your tax return, we can help. We work remotely, primarily over email, and use secure file transfer systems to handle your sensitive information. Most returns will be filed electronically on your behalf. 

Our expertise includes:

Nonprofits (990 & 990-EZ Filers) 

Individuals (1040 Filers):

Small Businesses (Schedule C and 1120-S Filers)



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